MISC Annual Report 2018

T HEM E RATIONALE The MISC story began in 1968. What started small, with only two cargo ships, has grown over the last 50 years into one of the world’s leading providers of energy related maritime solutions and services. It is the commitment of our People and their unwavering Passion that brought MISC to where it is today. As we turn 50, we continue to push the boundaries and leverage our Group’s synergy to consistently provide better energy related maritime solutions and services to our clients globally. Together, we are confident that the Possibilities that lie ahead of us are endless as we continue to uphold our aspirations in Moving Energy to Build a Better World . EAGLEBRASILIA LNG ANNUALREPORT2018 PEOPLE PASSION POSSIBILITIES ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Our enhanced MISC logo draws its energy from the natural strength and fluidity of the ocean. The blue sea bed at the base represents the solid foundations upon which MISC is built. Above it, dynamic waves depict the energy that drives us forward with confidence and vigour. The continuous rise of the waves reflects our growth ambitions and our quest to consistently push ourselves to provide better solutions for our customers and stakeholders. LOGO RATIONALE