MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 114 PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT In line with the Group’s Vision to consistently provide better energy related maritime solutions and services, one of our key priorities is to ensure that our employees are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to support the Group’s aspirations. In support of this, is one of the key thrusts of our Mission Statements, which calls for the Group to promote individual and team excellence of our employees. Tasked with nurturing our people, the Human Resources (HR) division and the Eaglestar Group are responsible for the development of our shore and sea staff respectively. Collectively, they look after employee welfare and talent sourcing, as well as facilitate personal development and career progression within MISC. By recruiting, developing and retaining the right talent, the MISC Group aims to create a highly engaging workplace with emphasis on performance and excellence. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT We know t hat our bus i ness i s onl y as good as our people and t hat t hey are key t o our con t i nu i ng success . Today , t he MISC Group ' s cl ose t o 9 , 000- s t rong workforce rema i ns t he Group ' s mos t i mpor tan t asse t and we are comm i t t ed t o devel op i ng our people t o ensure our l ong - t erm success am i ds t a h i ghl y compe t i t i ve landscape . MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT