MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 122 INVESTOR RELATIONS REPORT MISC recogn i ses t he i mportance of engag i ng our valued stakeholders and we are strongly comm i tted to uphold best pract i ces i n corporate governance and ensure t i mely d i sclosure of mater i al i nformat i on to stakeholders. Through our Group's Investor Relat i ons (IR) programme , we recogn i se t he i mportance of foster i ng and ma i nta i n i ng transparent commun i cation w i t h our shareholders , potent i al i nvestors and general publ i c to fac i l i tate i nformed dec i s i on mak i ng and enhance i nvestors' understand i ng of t he Group. The Group’s Investor Relations (IR) Programme continues to provide a platform for two-way communication between MISC and the investment community, with active participation from the Group’s senior management that is supported by a dedicated IR team. Throughout the year, MISC regularly reviews and enhances LWV ,5 SURJUDPPH WR HQVXUH D FRQVLVWHQW ŴRZ RI TXDOLW\ DQG timely disclosure of our strategic plans, business activities and performance to our stakeholders. During the year, we keep our stakeholders informed on our RSHUDWLRQDO DQG ƓQDQFLDO SHUIRUPDQFH WKURXJK WKH TXDUWHUO\ ƓQDQFLDO UHVXOWV DQQRXQFHPHQWV RQ %XUVD 0DOD\VLD DV ZHOO DV keep our shareholders informed on our progress at the Annual *HQHUDO 0HHWLQJ 7KH TXDUWHUO\ ƓQDQFLDO UHVXOWV DQQRXQFHPHQWV DUH DFFRPSDQLHG E\ DQDO\VWVō EULHƓQJV ZKHUH LQ GHSWK H[SODQDWLRQ RQ WKH *URXSōV GHYHORSPHQWV DQG ƓQDQFLDOV DUH shared. MISC held its 48 th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April 2017 where minority shareholders were also given the opportunity to interact and receive updates on the operations, ƓQDQFLDOV EXVLQHVV VWUDWHJLHV DQG IXWXUH SURVSHFWV RI 0,6& IURP the President/Group CEO and Board of Directors. Additionally, active stakeholders’ engagement efforts are carried out by means of conference calls, corporate events and one- on-one meetings with investors as well as analysts from both within and outside of Malaysia. As part of our IR and shareholder strategy to increase MISC Group’s visibility amongst the investing community abroad, the IR team also participated in an investor conference in Singapore. Engagement with the credit rating agencies are carried out periodically, namely Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s), Standard & Poor’s (S&P) and Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC) to provide stakeholders and the public with additional independent reviews of the Group. These regular dialogues between MISC and the investment community have been instrumental to facilitate a clear, fair and holistic view of our performance and strategies among research analysts, fund managers, investors and other stakeholders. It is also through these engagements that we gather valuable feedback and recommendation from analysts and shareholders on expectation from the investment community.