MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 150 ADDITIONAL COMPLIANCE INFORMATION A. STATUS OF UTILISATION OF PROCEEDS 'XULQJ WKH ƓQDQFLDO \HDU HQGHG 'HFHPEHU WKH &RPSDQ\ GLG QRW UDLVH DQ\ SURFHHGV IURP FRUSRUDWH SURSRVDOV B. AUDIT AND NON-AUDIT FEES (i) The amount of audit fees paid or payable to the external auditors, Messrs. Ernst & Young (EY), for services rendered to the Group and the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2017 amounted to RM3.948 million and RM0.765 million respectively. LL 7KH DPRXQW RI QRQ DXGLW IHHV SDLG RU SD\DEOH WR WKH H[WHUQDO DXGLWRUV (< DQG WKHLU DIƓOLDWHG FRPSDQLHV IRU VHUYLFHV UHQGHUHG WR WKH *URXS DQG WKH &RPSDQ\ IRU WKH ƓQDQFLDO \HDU HQGHG 'HFHPEHU DPRXQWHG WR 50 PLOOLRQ DQG 50 million respectively. The non-audit services rendered to the Group and the Company includes limited review of quarterly ƓQDQFLDO UHVXOWV DQG WD[ DGYLVRU\ C. MATERIAL CONTRACTS There were no material contracts entered into by the Company and its subsidiaries which were not in the ordinary course of EXVLQHVV LQYROYLQJ WKH 'LUHFWRUVō DQG RU PDMRU VKDUHKROGHUVō LQWHUHVWV VWLOO VXEVLVWLQJ DW WKH HQG RI WKH ƓQDQFLDO \HDU HQGHG 'HFHPEHU RU LI QRW WKHQ VXEVLVWLQJ HQWHUHG LQWR VLQFH WKH HQG RI WKH SUHYLRXV ƓQDQFLDO \HDU