MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 166 Group Corporation 2017 RM'000 2016 RM'000 2017 RM'000 2016 RM'000 3URƓW DIWHU WD[DWLRQ Other comprehensive (loss)/income: ,WHPV WKDW PD\ EH UHFODVVLƓHG VXEVHTXHQWO\ WR SURƓW RU ORVV (Loss)/gain on currency translation Non-current quoted equity investments - changes in fair value &DVK ŴRZ KHGJHV - fair value gain/(loss) - - Total other comprehensive (loss)/income for the year Total comprehensive (loss)/income for the year Total comprehensive (loss)/income attributable to: Equity holders of the Corporation Non-controlling interests - - STATEMENTS OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME For the year ended 31 December 2017 7KH DFFRPSDQ\LQJ DFFRXQWLQJ SROLFLHV DQG H[SODQDWRU\ QRWHV IRUP DQ LQWHJUDO SDUW RI WKH ƓQDQFLDO VWDWHPHQWV