MISC Annual Report 2017

167 Financial Statements Group Note 2017 2016 RM'000 RM'000 Non-current assets Ships 2IIVKRUH ŴRDWLQJ DVVHWV Other property, plant and equipment Prepaid lease payments on land and buildings Intangible assets Investments in associates Investments in joint ventures 2WKHU QRQ FXUUHQW ƓQDQFLDO DVVHWV D Derivative assets E Finance lease receivables G Finance lease assets under construction Deferred tax assets Current assets Inventories Trade and other receivables Tax recoverable - Derivative assets E - Cash, deposits and bank balances 1RQ FXUUHQW DVVHWV FODVVLƓHG DV KHOG IRU VDOH Current liabilities Trade and other payables Derivative liabilities E - Interest-bearing loans and borrowings F Provision for taxation - Net current assets STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION As at 31 December 2017