MISC Annual Report 2017

173 Financial Statements STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS For the year ended 31 December 2017 Group Note 2017 RM'000 2016 RM'000 CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES 3URƓW EHIRUH WD[DWLRQ Adjustments for: Writeback of impairment loss on trade and other receivables Impairment loss on trade and other receivables Bad debts written off :ULWH RII RI ƓQDQFH OHDVH UHFHLYDEOHV - 6KLSV RIIVKRUH ŴRDWLQJ DVVHWV DQG RWKHU SURSHUW\ SODQW DQG HTXLSPHQW - Depreciation - Written off - Impairment loss Impairment loss on other investments - Amortisation of prepaid lease payments Amortisation of upfront fees *DLQ RQ GLVSRVDO RI RWKHU SURSHUW\ SODQW DQG HTXLSPHQW - *DLQ RQ GLVSRVDO RI VKLSV - Net unrealised foreign exchange loss/(gain) Dividend income from equity investments Amortisation of intangibles assets Intangible assets written off - Loss on liquidation of a subsidiary - *DLQ RQ GLVSRVDO RI D MRLQW YHQWXUH - *DLQ RQ GLVSRVDO RI DQ DVVRFLDWH - *DLQ RQ GLVSRVDO RI D VXEVLGLDU\ - *DLQ RQ DFTXLVLWLRQ RI VXEVLGLDULHV - Loss from remeasurement of previously held interest in joint ventures - Interest income Finance costs 6KDUH RI SURƓW RI DVVRFLDWHV 6KDUH RI SURƓW RI MRLQW YHQWXUHV Net movement in provision 2SHUDWLQJ SURƓW EHIRUH ZRUNLQJ FDSLWDO FKDQJHV Inventories Trade and other receivables Trade and other payables Cash generated from operations Net tax paid Net cash generated from operating activities