MISC Annual Report 2017

THEME RATIONALE This year’s Annual Report theme – “Unity in Diversity” – pays tribute to our people. – we say it often and with good reason. It is only because of the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our customers, generate long-term value for our shareholders, as well as contribute to the industry and broader community. This has been particularly true amidst the challenges of our industry these past few years. Based in different geographic locations around the world, our multi-faceted workforce of seafarers and shore employees bring onboard their unique skills and talents as well as their disparate perspectives, beliefs and cultural nuances that make MISC a colourful yet energetic place to work in. It is this diversity that accords us a vital strategic advantage and enables us to deliver dynamic results. While the differences between our people are marked, they are never foreign; instead the variety is harmonious and never discordant. At the crux of the Group’s efforts is a focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce which is critical to connecting with and meeting the unique needs of our diverse clientele and the many communities in which we operate. This year’s “Unity in Diversity” theme also underscores our efforts to cultivate more effective teamwork throughout our diverse workforce across the globe and to strengthen synergistic collaboration among our many businesses. We understand that great strength comes from unifying the hearts and minds of diverse groups of people. It is this collective might which gives people the boldness to stretch beyond their limits and boundaries and attempt new things in new and better ways. $V ZH VWULYH WR IXOƓO RXU SRWHQWLDO DQG DFKLHYH RXU DVSLUDWLRQV ZH ZLOO KDUQHVV WKH XQLƓHG VWUHQJWK RI RXU SHRSOH through fostering and cultivating solidarity, as well as by enabling collaboration and positive relationships across our different businesses, departments and geographic locations. The “Unity in Diversity” theme does not just stop at our internal efforts but also extends to our relationships with our partners and industry players. Strategic partnerships and collaborations are vital to our sustainability in the marketplace and enhance our efforts to build better businesses as well as generate value to our stakeholders. :H EHOLHYH WKDW RXU HIIRUWV WRGD\ ZLOO VXSSRUW D VWURQJHU DQG ŴRXULVKLQJ LQGXVWU\ WRPRUURZ DV ZHOO DV KHOS EXLOG RXU brand reputation for the long-term. 7RGD\ ZLWK D VROLG IRXQGDWLRQ DQG FOHDU SHUVSHFWLYH RI ZKR ZH DUH DQG ZKHUH ZH QHHG WR JHW WR D XQLƓHG VWUHQJWKHQHG and focused MISC Group is ready to pursue growth opportunities. The future holds much promise for us. UNITY IN DIVERSITY