MISC Annual Report 2017

NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 204 5. PROFIT BEFORE TAXATION 7KH IROORZLQJ DPRXQWV KDYH EHHQ LQFOXGHG LQ DUULYLQJ DW SURƓW EHIRUH WD[DWLRQ Group Corporation 2017 RM'000 2016 RM'000 2017 RM'000 2016 RM'000 $PRUWLVDWLRQ RI LQWDQJLEOH DVVHWV 1RWH - - Intangible assets written off - - - Amortisation of prepaid lease payments on land and buildings 1RWH Auditors' remuneration: Auditors of the Corporation: - Statutory audits - Other services Charter hire expenses 3URYLVLRQV 1RWH F ,QYHQWRULHV XVHG 1RWH Loss from remeasurement of previously held interest in joint ventures - - - Exchange loss: - Realised - Unrealised Impairment loss for: 7UDGH UHFHLYDEOHV 1RWH - Other receivables - - Bad debts written off - :ULWH RII RI ƓQDQFH OHDVH UHFHLYDEOHV - - - Operating lease rental: - Equipment - Land and buildings 6KLSV RIIVKRUH ŴRDWLQJ DVVHWV DQG RWKHU SURSHUW\ SODQW DQG HTXLSPHQW 1RWH - Depreciation - Written off ,PSDLUPHQW SURYLVLRQV 1RWH D Loss on liquidation of a subsidiary - - - 6WDII FRVWV 1RWH 1RQ H[HFXWLYH GLUHFWRUV UHPXQHUDWLRQ 1RWH