MISC Annual Report 2017

NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 210 12. SHIPS, OFFSHORE FLOATING ASSETS AND OTHER PROPERTY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT At 1.1.2017 RM'000 Additions RM'000 Disposals RM'000 Group - 31 December 2017 Ships Ships in operation Ships under construction - 2IIVKRUH ŴRDWLQJ DVVHWV 2IIVKRUH ŴRDWLQJ DVVHWV LQ RSHUDWLRQ - - Other property, plant and equipment Freehold land - - Freehold buildings, drydocks and waste plant Leasehold buildings - - Motor vehicles )XUQLWXUH ƓWWLQJV DQG HTXLSPHQW Computer software and hardware Projects in progress Plant and machinery Total