MISC Annual Report 2017

LOGO RATIONALE 2XU HQKDQFHG 0,6& ORJR GUDZV LWV HQHUJ\ IURP WKH QDWXUDO VWUHQJWK DQG ŴXLGLW\ of the ocean. The blue sea bed at the base represents the solid foundations upon which MISC is built. Above it, dynamic waves depict the energy that drives us forward ZLWK FRQƓGHQFH DQG YLJRXU 7KH FRQWLQXRXV ULVH RI WKH ZDYHV UHŴHFWV RXU JURZWK ambitions and our quest to consistently push ourselves to provide better solutions for our customers and stakeholders.