MISC Annual Report 2017

NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 308 41. JOINT ARRANGEMENTS AND ACTIVITIES (a) Joint ventures and activities Name of company Country of incorporation Principal activities Ownership interest and voting interest (%) 2017 2016 0DOD\VLD 9LHWQDP 2IIVKRUH 7HUPLQDO / /WG Malaysia FSO owner 9LHWQDP 2IIVKRUH )ORDWLQJ 7HUPLQDO 5XE\ /WG Malaysia FPSO owner 00+( 73*0 6GQ %KG Malaysia Provision of engineering, procurement, construction installation, and commissioning services 00+( $7% 6GQ %KG Malaysia Manufacturing work of pressure vessels and tube heat exchangers 7HFKQLS 0+% +XOO (QJLQHHULQJ 6GQ %KG Malaysia Build and develop hull engineering and engineering project management capacities