MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 38 SUSTAINABILITY@MISC Sus t a i nab i l i t y i s an i n t e g ral c omponen t i n MISC' s ope ra t i ons , f r om t h e way we c onduc t our bus i nes s , manag e our emp l o y ees , r e duce i mpac t on t h e en v i r onmen t , d e l i v e r sus t a i nab l e r e t urns t o our i n v es t o r s and s har e h o l d e r s , and s t r i v e t o e x cee d t h e e x pe c t a t i ons o f our cus t ome r s , t o t h e way we c r ea t e pos i t i v e i mpac t fo r t h e l o cal c ommun i t i es . Focusing on Sustainability will better position XV WR PDQDJH RXU QRQ ƓQDQFLDO ULVNV H[SORLW RSSRUWXQLWLHV IRU LQFUHDVLQJ HIƓFLHQF\ explore new markets, as well as enhance our reputation and position in the industry. This section will provide a review of the LGHQWLƓFDWLRQ DQG PDQDJHPHQW RI PDWHULDO areas, the governance structure in place to manage sustainability, progress updates of the MISC Sustainability Strategy, as well as sustainability trends and challenges. The scope of our report and basis of the scope can be found within the About this Report section on pages 4 to 5. Further details and information can be found in the MISC Sustainability Report 2016 and our corporate website www.misc.com.my/sustainability including : • The governance structure in place to manage economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities. • The scope of our sustainability statement and basis for the scope. Ř 7KH LGHQWLƓFDWLRQ DQG PDQDJHPHQW RI material areas. • Our stakeholder engagement process. • Our journey towards embarking on a strategic sustainability approach. • The process of deriving MISC’s Sustainability Strategy, sustainability programmes and initiatives relevant to our sustainability pillars. • Key performance data and other sustainability related information.