MISC Annual Report 2017

51 Strategy & Performance SUSTAINABILITY@MISC SUSTAINABILITY GOVERNANCE SUSTAINABILITY GOVERNANCE The governance of sustainability issues and matters is a fundamental consideration, as we continue our efforts in embedding sustainability principles into our decision-making process and operations as a ZKROH :H VHHN WR IXOƓO RXU UHVSRQVLELOLWLHV DQG FRPPLWPHQWV WR RXU ƓYH NH\ VWDNHKROGHUV Ŋ 6KDUHKROGHUV &XVWRPHUV (PSOR\HHV Environment and Community – via progressive governance and management practices, and guided by our Mission and MISC Sustainability Strategy. With the aim to fortify sustainability governance across the Group, sustainability elements have been incorporated into the MISC Board Charter to ensure that the management of matters relating to sustainability begins at the highest level within the Group. SUSTAINABILITY GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK This is supported by a multi-pronged approach through the Management Committee (MC), the MISC Group Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Council and the Sustainability Working Committees (SWCs). Working committees have been set up for each of the six sustainability pillars (Shareholders, Customers, Governance & Business Ethics, Employees, Environment and Community), with VSHFLƓF IRFXV RQ HQVXULQJ WKH VXFFHVVIXO GHOLYHU\ DQG LPSOHPHQWDWLRQ of the respective strategies and initiatives for each pillar. This cross-functional approach is required to coherently address and PDQDJH VXVWDLQDELOLW\ PDWWHUV DQG LGHQWLƓHG PDWHULDO LVVXHV DULVLQJ across all our businesses and location of operations. Collaboratively, these committees are involved in decision making processes and in setting the tone for our sustainability direction and initiatives, as well as addressing risks, communications and stakeholder management. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (MC) HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT (HSE) COUNCIL CUSTOMERS WORKING COMMITTEE EMPLOYEES WORKING COMMITTEE SHAREHOLDERS WORKING COMMITTEE ENVIRONMENT WORKING COMMITTEE COMMUNITY WORKING COMMITTEE GOVERNANCE & BUSINESS ETHICS WORKING COMMITTEE SUSTAINABILITY WORKING COMMITTEES