MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 56 OPERATING PROFIT *URXS RSHUDWLQJ SURƓW RI 50 PLOOLRQ was 22.6% higher than FY2016 operating SURƓW RI 50 PLOOLRQ 7KLV LQFUHDVH was largely driven by higher revenue combined with improved operating margins primarily in the LNG and Offshore segments. REVENUE )RU WKH ƓQDQFLDO \HDU HQGHG 'HFHPEHU 2017 (FY2017), Group revenue of RM10,068.2 million was 5% higher than the ƓQDQFLDO \HDU HQGHG 'HFHPEHU (FY2016)’s revenue of RM9,597.2 million. Full year consolidation of Gumusut-Kakap Semi-Floating Production System (L) Limited (GKL), higher revenue fromGKL’s variation order approval, construction revenue IURP )ORDWLQJ 6WRUDJH DQG 2IŴRDGLQJ Vessel (FSO) Benchamas 2 and lease commencement of two new LNG vessels were the main contributors to the increase in Group revenue. GROUP FINANCIAL REVIEW GROUP REVENUE RM10,068.2 million RM50,469.8 million TOTAL ASSETS GROUP OPERATING PROFIT RM2,733.6 million EARNINGS PER SHARE 44.4 sen