MISC Annual Report 2017

MISC BERHAD | Annual Report 2017 88 LNG SHIPPING The L i quef i ed Natural Gas (LNG) Sh i pp i ng segment owns and operates 28 LNG vessels t hat transport LNG for PETRONAS and var i ous i nternat i onal LNG compan i es across t he globe as well as two Float i ng S torage Un i ts (FSUs) wh i ch serv i ce Malays i a's f i rst Regas i f i cat i on Term i nal (RGT) of fshore Sunga i Udang , Melaka. The segment has over t hree decades of proven e xper i ence i n prov i d i ng LNG sh i pp i ng serv i ces and cont i nues to bu i ld upon i ts track record of operat i onal e xcellence, rel i ab i l i ty, safety and on-t i me cargo del i ver i es. MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS REVENUE OPERATING PROFIT RM1,422.6 million RM2,927.1 million